Whitchurch is available with a weekly hire from Crest 

Whitchurch was originally a Roman settlement founded in AD 52 and was called Mediolanum (Middle of the Plain). Later it was called Weston, presumably as its location was on the western side of Shropshire, before finally settling with Whitchurch, called after the church constructed from white stone during the Norman period. It has also been known as Album Monasterium and Blancminster.

A short branch of the Llangollen Canal terminated in the centre of the town, this was abonded in 1944 and filled in. In 1993 a few hundrew yards of the old arm were reclaimed to provide moorings for visitors to the town. 

Whitchurch is also the home of the oldest clock makers in the world, J. B. Joyce & Co, established in 1690. Their clocks adorn such properties as Liverpool Lime Street Railway Station, to as far afield as Customs House, Shanghai, China

Whitchurch has a great array of shops, supermarkets, pubs, restaurants for a good night out.

Cash Machines are still frequent in the town and supermarkets. 

A chemist is also available on the high street. Doctors and Dentists with a small community Hospital for emergencies.


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